Financial Savings

Energy Efficiency Financing Scheme

The Carbon Trust provides an Energy Efficiency Financing Scheme in partnership with Siemens Financial Services to assist companies with the purchase of energy saving products. Details are available on the Carbon Trust website:

Enhanced Capital Allowance Scheme (ECA)

logo Carbon TrustThis scheme allows businesses to write off the whole cost of investment against taxable profits in year of purchase, thus boosting cash flow and improving green credentials by implementing low carbon technology. Further details available from The Carbon Trust.

Cut your energy costs and carbon emissions by over 85% !

Energy Savings Calculator

Calculate how you could save energy by switiching to Glamocell™ LED Lights, also reducing your carbon and greenhouse gas emission.

Select a Product:
  Conventional Bulb Glamocell LED Savings
Power per unit 25 Watts 3 Watts 22 Watts
How many hours per day do you use your lights? Incorrect value
How many lights do you have? Incorrect value
Power cost based on p/kWh (fractions of pennies disallowed) Incorrect value
Calculation time period in years (365 days) Incorrect value
Power used in 1 year(s) in kWh 9.125 kWh 1.095 kWh 8.03 kWh
TOTAL COST SAVINGS for 1 year(s) is £0.80.

CARBON REDUCTION is 4.312 kgs.

Capital and maintenance costs are not included in this electricity savings calculator. They will make your savings even greater calculated over the life cycle of 50,000 hrs of the Glamocell™ LED lights. Contact us for a free audit.